IMPEIn My Personal/Previous Experience
IMPEInstitute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology
IMPEInstituto Militar dos Pupilos do Exército (Portugal)
IMPEInternational Metals Processing Technology & Equipment Exhibition (China)
IMPEIntervention Milk Price Equivalent
IMPEInformation Management Processing Equipment
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These factors lead to the difficulty of feature information extraction using IMPE method directly.
Based on the above analysis, DTCWPT is combined with IMPE for the first time in this study for bearing fault diagnosis.
7927, where the IMF has indicated it thinks the UK should aim to join, then the 21ppl difference is equivalent to a 7ppl increase in the IMPE to 22.
It is also a factor which, combined with the rest of the IMPE calculations, generated a negotiating opener of 16.
The implicit assumptions of an IMPE price are many and varied: the first is that there is a single price for milk, whether it goes into intervention or top line added value products.
Working in a market in which intervention puts a floor under prices is the basis on which Morris hopes to be able to pay producers well -- better, in fact, than IMPE calculations would have indicated.
So raw milk prices remain low and those negotiating prices based on IMPE calculations face further declines if sterling continues to strengthen.
On December 31 1998, the eve of the euro based CAP, the widely accepted IMPE was 19.
Last year the national body negotiated off an IMPE of 17.
Moreover, the IMPE price floor set by the OFT, believed to have been calculated by the OFT on the basis of information supplied by Milk Marque, was set at too high a level and subsequently had to be revised downwards by the OFT.
Aisha Othman, Crinela Pislaru, Ahmed Impes University of Huddersfield, School of Computing & Engineering, Huddersfield HD1 3DH, UK
83) Similarly, Margaret Ewstace used her 'three impes [whom] were like cats' to cause a heavily pregnant woman to have a 'strange sickness', thus causing the death of her child.