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IMPISIntegrated Management Planning Information System (IRS)
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Zululand was invaded, and, despite Isandlwana, the impis were shot down against the express wishes of the government in London because Frere feared something much worse: a Zulu invasion coinciding with a Boer rising and a Russian naval attack which would result in burning ports, razed farms, the route to India severed, and the destruction of British prestige.
Mr Mzi Khumalo is a direct descendant of Mzilikazi, overlord of the Khumalo clan, who led his impis (regiments) of warriors north from Zululand after the murder of King Shaka and founded the powerful Matabele dynasty in the west of today's Zimbabwe.
The oral traditions sometimes record impis of four men.
A slew of eyewitness affidavits show how Buthelezi's impi warriors initiated the cycle of killings, and how the police chose to interpret their peacekeeping duties selectively, ignoring the impis' spears, axes and shotguns--a sign, the police said, of respect for Zulu "cultural tradition.
He is an outspoken foe of both the ANC and the UDF, and recent months have found his impis (squads of bully boys) and youth corps--working with tacit police support--acting as the physical hammer of the UDF and of community activists in Natal (while also exacerbating tensions between
A series of battles between the Ndebele impis and BSAP columns, armed with Lee-Metford repeating rifles and Maxim machine guns, resulted in the Ndebele being defeated.
After Shaka and the Zulu impis, Mzilikazi, once a general in Shaka's army turned dissident, and his followers known as the Ndebele people spread much terror and destruction in the region.