IMPLANImplementation Plan
IMPLANImpact Analysis for Planning
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7) IMPLAN is a menu-driven computerized input-output model that was originally developed in 1979 by the USDA Forest Service in cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the USDA Bureau of Land Management.
We estimated the effect from change in employment on the paper industry (NAICS 32212, IMPLAN sector 105) using IMPLAN software and associated data sets for 2008 and 2012.
IMPLAN Economic Impact Model Expenditure Impacts of U.
Economics, Technical Resources, IMPLAN Analysis Site.
Regional data describing the inter-industry relationships in the seven county study area was obtained from the IMPLAN input-output software (Minnesota IMPLAN Group, 2000).
Although not specified, we can assume that the authors are referring to IMPLAN and work reported in Robinson, Kilkenny, and Hanson (1991).
According to the authors, the study utilized IMPLAN, a widely used economic modeling program that has more than 1,500 active users in the United States and internationally.
IMPLAN, an input--output model, was used to assess the economic contribution of the FPI in 13 US southern states for the year 2009, individually as well as regionally, and to compare it with that in 2001, the last comprehensive study of the industry in the South.
Regarding their methodology, researchers used an analytical model developed by the Minnesota IMPLAN Group software and uses official US government data for related subjects.
Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis, or an alternative model known as IMPLAN.