IMPPACTIntegrated Modelling of Products and Processes using Advanced Computer Technologies
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First, participants talked about the positive and negative aspects of the IMPPACT program structure.
When IMPPACT was not as solid, the program was not perceived as highly or received as meaningfully by parents or students.
The IMPPACT program offered structured skills and knowledge for parents on how to be better parents.
Staff, volunteers, and parents alike, stressed the vital role of parental involvement in the IMPPACT program.
As a research team we have spent several years developing the IMPPACT curriculum and have sought to implement it in a consistent manner.
One of the core components of the program was the IMPPACT Problem solving model.
The way the program is designed and intended, when a conflict arises, children are reminded to use the IMPPACT model as a script for conflict resolution.
Another parent mentioned the profound effect of the IMPPACT model on her son: "I have a child who was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and that was one of the things that helped him in school, to remember that, and to think about what was causing him to get bunched up.
Our final question for this paper dealt with the role of religion and spirituality on the components and implementation of the IMPPACT program.
A parent echoed this sentiment and remarked, "We still have the prayer from IMPPACT up on our fridge.
She commented specifically on the Unity Circle as a group activity: "When we're doing our circle, that to me was like, that's IMPPACT.
IMPPACT students seemed to see the benefit of the placement of the program in a church environment as well.