IMPRInternational Meeting on Phytolith Research (est. 1996; bi-annual conference; Society for Phytolith Research)
IMPRInternet Music Public Relations (Russia)
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El argumento anterior se puede comprobar con la relacion significativa que de manera individual el PIBR tiene hacia IMPR.
Asi mismo, puede apreciarse que los efectos del PIBR, IMPR e EXPR tienen efectos marginales sobre la FDI.
078387 -- Variable P-value dependiente Causalidad DLRGDP FD [flecha diestra] RGDP (*) DLFDI Sin causalidad RGDP [flecha diestra] IMPR (*) DLIMPR FDI [flecha diestra] IMPR (*) EXPR [flecha diestra] IMPR (**) DLEXPR RGDP [flecha diestra] EXPR (*) FDI[flecha diestra] EXPR (**) IMPR [flecha diestra] EXPR (**) (*) Al 5 % de significancia.
is the post-injury wages for the worker with an impairment rating of IMPR.
ln([1 - [gamma] IMPR][1 - [phi] IMPR]) = ln(1 - ([gamma] + [phi]) * IMPR + ([gamma] [phi]) * [IMPR.
Since this factor of proportionality captures differences in pre-injury variations in work weeks, it should be uncorrelated with the impairment rating, IMPR.
8] The specification in Equation (4) indicates that the log difference in pre- and post-injury wages should be modeled as a quadratic regression with IMPR and [IMPR.
The impairment ratings coefficients are individually insignificant in the "Losses First 4 Years After" regressions and only marginally significant for IMPR (but not IMPR [2]) in the other three regressions.
2] values for these models are always lower than even the low values in Table 4 and the estimated IMPR or [IMPR.