IMPRESInnovative Materials for Processes in Energy Systems (international symposium; Japan)
IMPRESImprovement of Methods for Producing Real-Time Embedded Software (ESPRIT Project 10043)
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IMPRES will provide and maintain the telecommunications systems that instrument the test and training ranges as well as provide software used for analysis and security.
NYSE: MSI) today celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its patented IMPRES two-way radio battery and charger technology.
IMPRES batteries store and communicate data to their chargers through a unique communication protocol designed to increase talk-time and battery life.
The first IMPRES batteries were for the Motorola ASTRO[R] Saber radios.
IMPRES will be used on Co-op travel's website and is expected to handle 2.
Existing and new clients in the North-east will also benefit from the success of the sister company's IMPRES software, as it will form the technological platform for all future sites built by Intermedia Web Development.
Through its ownership in IMPRES Technology, Kennsco, The BOL and uMember.
50 High Capacity IMPRES Lithium Ion Battery (Spare)
Tenders are invited for purchase of 4 ea of motorola apx4000 model 2 portable ; 4 ea of motorola impress li-ion 2700 mah battery upgrade from the standard 1900 mah battery pmnn4448; 4 ea of motorola impres single unit charger wpln4232; 4 ea of motorola remote speaker microphone pmmn4069
We have to impress upon every councillor that they now have a duty to reject the CCG proposal.
10 position with Bath this season and hopes to impress Warren Gatland enough to pick him in the playmaking role.
CSe sh lik Cly T ban back be b a o impres do beIt Call ean har kes yro They nks kdro onc ss th They'll play at 1pm with the banks of Loch Ness as their backdrop and Sean admits it will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to impress the crowd.