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IMPRESSARIOIntegrated Multiple Platform for Remote-Sensing Simulation and Real-Time Interactive Operation
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Not only does the butterfly impressario introduce you to his colorful world, Mikula provides fun, step-by-step directions on how to create a butterfly-friendly environment that makes visiting your home a more appealing option.
At the neighboring Impressario Ristorante after-party, cast members of the Arthur Miller classic spoke of the relevance of the 51-year-old play.
Broadbent is hilarious as he delivers biting rejoinders to servants, his father and even his amazingly patient wife (Lesley Manville), but when impressario Richard D'Oyly Carte (Ron Cook) finally brings him together with Sullivan, the latter refuses to collaborate, using the movie's title to mock Gilbert's plot contrivances.
JACK LaLANE, the health-spa impressario, on why at age 83 he worries so much about his health: "I can't afford to die.
Starting next month, for example, consumers will get the Micrografx Crayola Art Adventure product free with the Club KidSoft disk that comes with every Compaq Impressario.
The international cellist - and younger brother of theatre impressario Andrew Lloyd Webber - will be presenting clips of himself performing and chatting with many of the world famous artists he's worked with during his illustrious career, including Nigel Kennedy, Elton John, his brother and Yehudi Menuhin.
This year marks a half century since the singer first met the showbiz impressario who would launch him on the road to stardom, Gordon Mills.
a more leader The Coventry-born media pundit first made his mark as a playwright, then as the impressario of Tic Toc in Hillfields - the forerunner of today's Kasbah - morphed into a TalkSport shock-jock, became a hard-hitting Sun columnist and TV media commentator, and more recently set up his own PR company which advises police federations.
Consequently, he ceded management of his career to others - first a kindly Catskills mentor, then revue impressario Max Liebman, and finally hyper-aggressive songstress Sylvia Fine, who would catapult Kaye to stardom and become his lifelong coach, content provider, and wife.