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IMPRIMATURIntellectual multimedia property rights model and terminology for universal reference
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PTSD did not receive the imprimatur of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder until 1980, which raises doubts about the validity of reading back PTSD to the 1940s.
We trust our readers are sophisticated enough to recognize the distinction between what we publish as editorial matter with our imprimatur, and the advertising we carry, some of which, like the ad in question, we, too, find loathsome.
Sullivan sort of officially presented them to the American audience, putting his imprimatur on the Beatles and making them 'safe' for mainstream consumption.
Will Catholics, and others, allow the ill-advised imprimatur of the AARP on this bill to cause them to support it?
I don't believe her importance is as great as it once was, but she still has the benefit of a public platform and the imprimatur of a well-regarded institution.
It also diverts private and state funds to programs that bear its imprimatur.
While the old axiom "as Harvard goes, the rest of the world follows," may still apply in some cases, construing Harvard's apparent imprimatur as an official stamp of approval on all distance learning in this instance would be an overstatement.
government's imprimatur and will be an important guide for bond investors and for companies selling debt.
But if Giselle was Alonso's star vehicle in her heyday, by now her progeny in the Ballet Nacional have stamped it with their own imprimatur.
Readers will immediately perceive the SBC's imprimatur on the orthodox character of the book in both three fly-pages of denominational endorsements at the front of the book (by Morris H.
The historians claim in a new book, Imprimatur, that the Vatican sent around pounds 3.
After having enormous success in its partnership with Def Comedy Jam, the Simmons imprimatur and exploding popularity of slam poetry impelled HBO to showcase the "Def Poetry Jam" in a half-hour special to be filmed in Aspen, Colorado.