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IMRAIndependent Media Review and Analysis (Israel)
IMRAIrish Mountain Rescue Association
IMRAInternational Mass Retail Association, Inc.
IMRAIndustrial Marketing Research Association
IMRAIndustrial Manufacturers' Representatives Association
IMRAInfrared Monochromatic Radiation (NASA)
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Because Imra is such a genuinely nice character, it's impossible not to like her," Jackson added.
For IPG, I am happy to report we have successfully defended the claims asserted against IPG by IMRA in the lawsuit," IPG Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Valentin Gapontsev said in a news release.
After hearing testimony from two of the inventors of the patent, experts in lasers, amplifiers and optics, as well as employees from both IPG and IMRA, the jury in the District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan ruled that IPG did not infringe on the claims asserted by IMRA.
IMRA was developed by ICON physicians specifically for use by fellow physicians.
It then provides a structured step-by-step guide on how to undertake an IMRA from start to finish, and how to prepare and interpret risk profiles.
back row: Lloyd Morrison, Neville Robinson, Pete Burgher, Bret Farrington, Jason John, Teofa Robinson, Rich Olma, Imra Shah, Izzaih Shah, Myroe Levy, Derek Wilkes, Josh McPherson, Andy McDonagh, David Pugh and John Farrington.
Paul Stretford said he had met the striker's former agent Dave Lockwood who had tried to persuade him to pay a cut of his Rooney earnings to a mystery firm called IMRA.
John Hedgecoe, prosecuting, said Mr Lockwood had been trying to persuade Mr Stretford to sign an agreement in which he paid a cut of his Rooney earnings to a mystery company called IMRA.
Leek's goals came from Paul Nixon, Ben Darlington, Stuart Davies and Imra Sherwani while Adey Betts netted the Khalsa consolation.
For the full year many leading companies had gains that beat inflation, and some did exceptionally well," says IMRA president Robert Verdisco.
IMRA also sought to measure the cost of retail prevention efforts.
Claire Collins of IMRA said 60 per cent of those rescued were from out of state.