IMRMInstant Messaging Recording and Monitoring (software)
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IMRM can provide a framework for cross functional and executive dialogue and can serve as a catalyst for defining a unified governance approach to information that links value and duty to information assets.
Elements of IMRM - As you will see in the diagram above, the information basics are distilled out and at the center of the model (with the notable inclusion of "dispose" as the end state of information).
One of the things that the IMRM does is distinguish value from regulatory obligation or IT efficiency.
IMRM can help companies recognise that for IT to manage data effciently, it is essential to link specific duties and business value to the information assets.
The IMRM can help start the conversation in your company and the associated information governance process maturity model can help companies assess where they are today and set the course for improvement.
We hope with our years of experience and knowledge as well as through the efforts such as the IMRM we can educate organizations who currently taking a reactive approach to e-discoveries.