IMRPInternational Mathematics Research Papers
IMRPInternational Meeting on Radiation Processing
IMRPInternal Medicine Residency Program (physician training)
IMRPIndex, Middle, Ring, Pinky (fingers)
IMRPIraq Marshlands Restoration Program (USAID)
IMRPIsua Multidisciplinary Research Project (est. 1997; geology; Greenland)
IMRPInjector Metering Rail Pressure
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Students have already completed portions of their scholarly project based on the IMRP in the project development courses; in the DNP project courses, they incorporate feedback and recommendations from faculty and peers.
Use of the IMRP for many of the DNP projects has led to greater student understanding of how to use a systematic approach in making a significant practice difference as either a quality improvement project or new change process.
One DNP student, for example, used the IMRP in the development and implementation of a clinical house-wide initiative for hand hygiene.
Another DNP student employed the IMRP process and technology to target Hispanic parent compliance with obesity education for their overweight children in a community clinic.
Course evaluations show appreciation for the opportunity to learn and practice the IMRP process prior to DNP project implementation.
Students also provided positive feedback regarding the IMRP DNP project courses.
DNP students and faculty have acknowledged their appreciation for the organizational structure the IMRP process has brought to the DNP project.