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IMRTIntensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (medical/cancer treatment)
IMRTIntensity Modulated Radiotherapy
IMRTInteragency Management Review Team
IMRTInstitute of Management Research & Technology (India)
IMRTIntegrated Market Response Template
IMRTIndustrial Maintenance Roundtable (Australia)
IMRTinfant mortality rate total
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The trial found that IMRT could safely be given to the pelvis - a common site for prostate cancer cells to spread - to help stop the disease going further.
But the new study showed that when using IMRT rather than conventional radiotherapy, only 8% to 16% suffered issues with their bladder or bowel.
The trial found IMRT could safely be given to the pelvis - a common site for prostate cancer cells to spread - to help stop the disease going further.
Over the last 10 years the IAEA has helped medical professionals in Indonesia identify expert centres in the region willing to assist them through the transition process, and in early 2009 they began their first IMRT treatments focusing on head and neck cancers, adapting existing protocols to the local situation.
The most common method for IMRT delivery for prostate cancer involves 7–9, fixed gantry positions with computer-generated, sliding-window multi-leaf collimator (MLC) positions to modulate the dose to the prostate.
law prohibits physicians from referring patients to medical facilities in which the doctor has a financial interest, but in-house ancillary services such as IMRT are permitted under certain circumstances.
It brings the value of new linacs at the trust to around PS3,200,000 and the investment has been hailed as great news for local cancer sufferers who can benefit from IMRT treatment at University Hospital in Walsgrave.
The inauguration of the new vero4DRT system at Kyoto University Hospital marks a world first in the application of dynamic tracking with IMRT through real-time monitoring.
We believe that this study, the largest prospective trial in the world to test breast IMRT against standard two-dimensional radiotherapy, will be practice-changing at an international level," said Dr Charlottes Coles, from Addenbrooke's Hospital Oncology Centre, Cambridge, UK.
Receipt of IMRT was not a significant predictor, although there was a trend.
Contributors cover the methods and theories behind each, including the obstacles and advances in IMRT treatment planning, four-dimensional imaging and treatment planning for moving targets, introducing new IMRT and IGRT technologies into the clinical setting, specific applications to lung cancer and partial breast irradiation, organizing SBRT data, and conducting SBRT clinical treatment programs for pancreatic cancer and cancer of the prostate, spinal liver, and renal systems.
The increasing availability of IMRT and our experience with it may well have a significant impact on improving local control and perhaps survival as more optimal doses of radiation are delivered to the desired area far more precisely than before.