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IMTIntima-Media Thickness
IMTInternational Military Tribunal (post-WWII)
IMTInternational Mobile Telecommunications
IMTIncident Management Team
IMTInstitute of Management Technology
IMTIn The Meantime
IMTInternational Marxist Tendency (aka Committee for a Marxist International)
IMTInstitut de Médecine Tropicale
IMTInstituto Mexicano del Transporte (Mexican Institute of Transportation)
IMTInitial Military Training (USAF ROTC)
IMTIrrigation Management Transfer
IMTInternet Montana
IMTInformation Management Technology
IMTImplantable Miniature Telescope
IMTInnovative Micro Technology
IMTInflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor
IMTInstitute for Market Transformation (Ithaca, New York)
IMTInter-Machine Trunk
IMTInternational Mobile Telephony
IMTInformation Management Tool (US Air Force)
IMTIndustrial Market Trends
IMTIndividual Movement Techniques
IMTInformation Management Team
IMTInnovation Management Techniques
IMTInfinite Monkey Theorem
IMTInterstellar Master Traders (James Blish "Cities in Flight" SF series)
IMTIntake Manifold Temperature (internal combustion engines)
IMTinterMedia Text (Oracle database product)
IMTIron Mountain, MI, USA - Ford Airport (Airport Code)
IMTIntegrated Modeling and Test Environments
IMTInductive Modeling Technology
IMTInteractive Multimedia Training
IMTImposto Municipal Sobre Transacções (Portugal)
IMTInvertible Matrix Theorem (mathematics)
IMTIntegrated Management Tool
IMTIntelligent Multimode Terminal
IMTInternational Military Training
IMTIntelligent Messaging Technology
IMTInfinity Mugen Team (forum)
IMTInfantry Minor Tactics (Australia)
IMTInnovations in Marine Technology (Conference)
IMTImpulsive Momentum Transfer
IMTImmediate Money Transfer
IMTIntegrated Maintenance Test
IMTIntegrated Missions and Transition
IMTIndividual Masking Threshold
IMTIntegration of Multiple Technologies
IMTInfrastructure Modernization Team
IMTInterpolation-Matching Technique
IMTInterface Maintenance Testing
IMTIntermediate Management Training (professional development)
IMTInstitutt for Marin Teknikk (Norwegian: Institute of Marine Technology)
IMTIrish Medical Times
IMTInternet Marketing Technology (various organizations)
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Not only do these homes mean lower monthly energy bills for homeowners, but our prior research has also found that homeowners of energy-efficient homes are 32 percent less likely to default on their mortgages," said IMT Executive Director Cliff Majersik.
5] It is not clear whether IMT is benign, malignant or part of a spectrum of benign to malignant spindled soft tissue tumours.
To overcome this limitation in expiratory resistance, Suzuki and colleagues (7,8) have reported on the reverse use of the Threshold IMT device which has a maximal resistance of 41 cm [H.
From initially being responsible for observing, monitoring, verifying, investigating, and reporting on the enforcement of the agreement between the two parties to the government, the MILF Peace Panels and the Malaysian Secretariat, the responsibilities of the IMT grew over the years.
In an analysis of the association by type of antidepressant, an increase in IMT was noted regardless of the class of antidepressants.
IMT have recently been honoured by IEDRA (Indian Economic Development & Research Association) for Industrial Excellence.
The other patients were secretly given a non-active "dummy" treatment that resembled IMT.
IMT is taking over the almost 15,000 square-foot space after acquiring Design by Skaffles Inc.
Results: High blood levels of several carotenoids were strongly associated with reduced IMT progression over the 18-month study.
Shell and IMT were barred in 1992 from offering shares based upon the company's previous offering of unregistered securities, the SEC said.
The silver jubilee also included a reception honoring IMT President Robert Widmer, a plant open house and tours, and seminars on IMT and the HIPing process.