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IMT-2000International Mobile Telecommunications-2000
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This Group, identified as lead Study Group for the network aspects of IMT-2000 and beyond, will be responsible for-the harmonisation of different IMT-2000 family member standards as they evolve beyond IMT-2000 as well as the evolution of network aspects of IMT-2000 from the existing fixed network by utilizing the IMT-2000 radio transmission technologies as fixed wireless access.
The two will have the new venture manufacture mobile phones, controllers and base stations based on the wide-band code division multiple access (W-CDMA) format, which is proposed by Europe and Japan as the standard for IMT-2000.
The specifications are seen by ITU as a step closer to the development of IMT-2000 network standards in such areas as services, functional architectures, signalling, protocols, management, security and performance.
The Tokyo-based IMT-2000 Planning, capitalized at 200 million yen, is owned 40% by long-distance carrier Japan Telecom, 34% by Nissan and 26% by AirTouch, a U.