IMTPInformation Management Technology Policy
IMTPInstant Message Transfer Protocol
IMTPInternet's Most Talented Photographer (Internet reality show)
IMTPInternational Musa Testing Programme
IMTPImmune Mediated Thrombocytopenia
IMTPInteractive Mathematics Text Project (Mathematical Association of America)
IMTPIntegrated Master Test Plan
IMTPIntalox Metal Tower Packing
IMTPIndustrial Mobilization Training Program
IMTPInstitute of Management Training & Placement (est. 1997; various locations)
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Additionally, eccentric leg stiffness demonstrated significant relationships with thickness of the VL and LG muscles, and VL pennation angle, as well as, CMJ, SJ and IMTP PF.
This is similar to research in adult athletes that has also identified significant relationships between the thickness of the VL and performance in the CMJ, SJ, IMTP, and one-repetition maximum squat (Brechue et al.
Interestingly, the present cohort also demonstrated significant relationships between LG thickness and CMJ, SJ and IMTP PF.
On days 2 and 3, the subjects did the same warm-up as Day 1, then, they performed either the CMJ task or the IMTP task separated by a 5-min rest.
The other three recordings were specific to the IMTP.
Paired f-tests were used to determine differences between imagery and no-imagery conditions for all dependent variables for the IMTP (GRF and RFD) and CMJ (GRF, force plate, and EPIC jump height).
In IMTP, multi-threading techniques are flexibly and effectively applied to optimize the overall performance for the H.
In IMTP, such consideration is the key contribution, and our experimental results verified that it was worthwhile to consider such a difference.
The main goal of the proposed IMTP method is maximizing the performance of the entire video decoding process of H.
In order to perform the IMTP participants were required to pull on an immovable Olympic bar (performed in a power rack with pins) as quickly as possible, and maintain a maximal effort for 5 seconds.
This is the first study to examine use of the IMTP as part of a PAP protocol to enhance jump performance, and further to explore the effects of isometric preconditioning on SSC and non-SSC activities.
The IMTP will also build on the planned delivery of maritime training to students at Nhulunbuy High School, creating another career pathway for local teenagers.