IMUAInland Marine Underwriters Association
IMUAIllinois Municipal Utilities Association (Springfield, IL)
IMUAInterservice Material Utilization Agency
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Also elected during the IMUA Business Meeting were the members of the Board of Directors.
The IMUA report estimates the cost of retrofitting all of the nation's seismically unsafe buildings by the 2020 to be $60 trillion.
Just to seismically retrofit the federal government's three billion square over feet of owned and leased office spake over the next 35 years will cost up to $1 billion annually, the IMUA report says.
For several years, insurer groups like the IMUA and the American Institute of Marine Underwriters have sought legislation increasing the penalties for individuals caught stealing cargo.
His dedication to the principles of the IMUA never faltered.
Meetings to determine the wording of those clarifications are being held between the IMUA, AAIS, and various insurance executives.
The 86th IMUA Annual Meeting took place at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.
His in-depth professional experience and expertise is particularly well suited for the IMUA as we head into a new chapter in our history.
IMUA members can download a copy of the report directly from IMUA's Web site (www.
To help shape the bill, members of the National Cargo Security Council and IMUA and representatives of insurance companies, including Chubb and AIG, have met with representatives of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.