IMUSTInactive Miscellaneous Underground Storage Tank
IMUSTInternational Marrow Unrelated Search and Transplant
IMUSTInner Mongolia University of Science and Technology (Inner Mongolia, China)
IMUSTIndependent Manchester United Supporters Trust (England)
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IMUST admit that I feared we had paid over the odds for James McCarthy.
IMUST confess that I am a great fan of Dad's Army and my favourite character in that series was Lance Corporal Jack Jones, played by irrepressible Clive Dunn.
IMUST admit to previously being a touch sniffy about Pizza Express, deeming it too chainy and not quite authentic enough as an Italian eating experience.
IMUST admit I was absolutely gutted when I found out that Michael Schumacher would not be making a sensational return to Formula One for Ferrari.
IMUST admit my knowledge of Lyon and St Etienne was limited before I embarked on this trip but I soon discovered that despite being a traditional stopping-off point for tourists heading to the Alps and the South, the area is an appealing destination in its own right.
IMUST have missed something mega in the minor matter of same-sex marriages.
IMUST admit that much like the Olympic Torch, the Olympic opening ceremony had passed me by until it was almost upon us.
IMUST be cheating as I roar down Aylesbury High Street on Triumph's Thunderbird.
IMUST admit to being a fan of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI and pleased that after so many duff versions it finally recaptures some of the excitement of earlier models.
IMUST admit I don't think I've ever seen a goal in a Merseyside Derby quite like Phil Jagielka's super strike in front of the Kop yesterday.