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IMVIntermittent Mandatory Ventilation
IMVInstitutt for Musikkvitenskap (Norwegian: Department of Musicology)
IMVInfantry Mobility Vehicle (Australian Defence Industries Limited)
IMVInvasive Mechanical Ventilation
IMVIn My View
IMVInferior Mesenteric Vein (human anatomy)
IMVInstitute for Molecular Virology
IMVInvertomatic-Victron (company name)
IMVIntegrated Machine Vision
IMVIntermodule Ventilation
IMVInstrumented Measurement Vehicle (weapon representation for flight test)
IMVInlet Metering Valve
IMVIntegral Multivariable
IMVInternational Meteorological Vocabulary
IMVInstant Messaging Environments (Yahoo!)
IMVInternationaler Milchwirtschaftverband
IMVInjection Master Valve
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IMV is a market research and online publishing company for the medical imaging and clinical diagnostic instruments markets with offices in Chicago, Tucson, and San Francisco.
With offices in Chicago, Tucson, and San Francisco, IMV offers a range of market research products and reports and media properties including Aunt Minnie www.
The IMV series consist of five vehicles o three pickup trucks, two series of Hilux which are well known in Pakistan , a minivan, and an SUV - specially developed in 2004 for use in over 140 countries and regions.
New Delhi, April 9 -- Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan today announced that the (Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle) IMV Series Vehicle Cumulative Global Production and Sales crossed 5 million units.
The new Process & Facilities Group will operate under a Wood Group Mustang banner and comprise Alliance Engineering, Energeticos, IMV Projects and Mustang.
The Innova, which has been in the Asia and European markets for some time now, was created to compliment the current IMV range and is ideally suited for young and established families, in that it is a truly affordable 7 or 8 seater coupled with spaciousness, safety and rugged versatility which all Toyota IMV's owners have become accustomed to.
The IMV 4000 infrared imaging system offers high optical performance using current electronics, optics and detector technologies.
Known as 'Cookies', the project of one of the 23 projects across Europe being co-ordinated by EUTIST-IMV, a European Commission funded project aimed at promoting the uptake of IMV technology in industry.
has been named as the highest-ranked provider of overall service performance for clinical chemistry systems in the United States for the seventeenth consecutive year, according to the 2001 IMV, LTD ServiceTrak(TM) survey.