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IMXInteractive Music Exchange
IMXIn My eXperience
IMXIcelandic Music Export (government initiative; Iceland)
IMXInteractive Music Exchange (TV show)
IMXIntegrated Multimedia Exchange
IMXIndustrywide Mortgage Exchange
IMXInverse Multiplexor
IMXIP (Internet Protocol) Multimedia Exchange (software)
IMXIntermodal Marketing Extension
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In addition to MSA and census tract criteria, lenders can select loans by querying the IMX Exchange database for conforming, jumbo, LTV, county, state, median income level, credit score, debt ratios, property type and transaction type information.
The Nissan IMx KURO provides a glimpse into the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company's vision for changing how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society.
Nissan's designers sought to redefine the interior space of the IMx to create a sense of openness, while maintaining a feeling of privacy.