INAAInstrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
INAAIntelligent Network Access Arrangement
INAAI Need an Appointment (online booking portal; UK)
INAAIslamic National Accord Association
INAAInternational Network of Accountants and Auditors (est. 1992; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
INAAInduced Neutron Activation Analysis (physics)
INAAImmigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1986 (US Citizenship and Immigration Services)
INAAIntegrated Network Access Arrangement
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We report the analysis of high purity aluminum oxide using INAA technique for the measurement of trace impurities.
Ruthanne and Joanne Reid - from Paisley - are directors of INAA, who offer an online booking service for salons.
The 18 candidates of INAA, which clinched 17 seats at the last poll in 2006, were all elected from a first round, with more than the required 50 per cent of votes, commission chairman Abdullah Al Buainain said.
The 18 candidates of INAA, which won 17 parliamentary seats at the last election in 2006, were elected in the first round of the legislative poll held on Saturday, electoral commission chairman Abdullah al-Buainain was quoted as saying by AFP.
The most important message for the government is that Al-Wefaq (INAA) is the largest political association in Bahrain," said Salman, who is also the head of INAA.
Sheikh Ali Salman, head of the INAA, claimed that at least 890 voters were turned away from polling stations in mostly Shia areas because their names were not on electoral lists.
The core chapters look at grain-size effects on PIXE and INAA analysis of IAEA-336 lichen reference material; cell-membrane damage and elements leaching in transplanted Parmelia sulcata lichen related to ambient SO in, temperature, and precipitation; transplant set-ups and positioning towards wind direction: element concentrations and relationships with atmospheric element deposition; and a biomonitoring study of Setubal Peninsula region, Portugal.
Availability of essential trace elements in Indian cereals, vegetables and spices using INAA and the contribution of spices to daily dietary intake.
This research examines interaction networks along settlement clusters in the Zuni region of west-central New Mexico in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, using analytical techniques such as INAA sourcing of ceramic pastes.
A nonparametric assessment of the relative output of INAA and PIXE on joint determinands in environmental samples (atmospheric biomonitors).