INAMHIInstituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Hidrologia (Equador)
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The meteorological stations are operated by INAMHI, the universities of Cuenca (UC) and Loja (UTPL), ETAPA EP, and the German research program PAK823-825.
top) Official map of INAMHI 1964-2000 and (bottom) LAWR radar observations 1998-2009.
top) Rainfall totals for the EN period 25-31 Mar 2015 as seen by RadarNet-Sur (areas of overlap are bilinearly interpolated and the maximum value set at each grid cell; coordinates UTM 17S are given in kilometers), (bottom) Observed daily rainfall (dBR) of official INAMHI stations (Ayapamba, Chirimachay, CoIT, Gonzanama, Izhcayrrumi cabecera, and Macara; randomly chosen), which were not used for radar rain retrieval, compared to (a) uncorrected daily radar rainfall (dBR) and to (b) corrected daily radar rainfall (dBZ) presented in a common logarithmic scale.