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INAPTInsensitive Nuclei Assignment by Polarization Transfer
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For this last area, techniques are recommended as liming, fertilization and irrigation (more installments) for inapt soils (Neosoil).
The study also includes new scale items like slow internet speed and inapt query handling which are the concerns exclusive to developing nations.
But the other reason that the civil-rights era comparisons were inapt is because the nature of racism has changed.
Moreover, based on the observed negative effect of the polygamy rate, unmet needs for family planning and male-to-female ratios of highly educated workers (three almost non-economic factors), authors draw an inapt economic conclusion as "The lower the household's wife's gains bargaining power, the more is the number of her children" (p.
8 TIMBUKTU (Abderrahmane Sissako) Grace and restraint might appear inapt for a portrait of jihadist terror, but Sissako's account of the imposition of sharia law in his home country of Mali, despite many tonal lapses (especially the mad shamaness), achieves its power through temperance.
Since his becoming CM of Nagaland five months back, Zeliang kept drawing flaks from various quarters for his inapt handling of some very sensitive issues like Assam-Nagaland border, hurried oil explorations, etc.
Any rigid distinction between classical strategy and statecraft does seem to be relatively inapt in considering questions of blockade and embargo, among other instruments which Mewett identifies.
Pop-Pop, Penny's Grandpa, is a man who is somewhat deaf, always ready with inapt observations, leans toward over assessment regarding his house repair skills.
Though keening can sometimes respond to or even foreshadow violence, its practice is largely disconnected from violent death and is freighted with a set of historical and cultural resonances that make its ritualized mourning an inapt referent for the aesthetic response Cole seeks to distill.
Although the Department of State's incessant talking point about the ebb and flow of tactical events on the ground in Syria is particularly inapt, grating, and empty, one should be cautious about reporting the death of the Syrian revolution.
Technically speaking, war on terror, is an inapt combination of nouns.
In a statement at that time, Cantor's chief executive officer, Howard Lutnick, said, "For us, there is no way to describe this compromise with inapt words like ordinary, fair or reasonable.