INARIndian Nations at Risk (education task force)
INARIniciativa Aragonesa (Aragonese Initiative - Nationalist Party of Aragon)
INARInteger valued AutoRegressive
INARInitial Non-Advocate Review
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Local Muslim leaders worked with INAR to successfully negotiate an agreement which allowed all mosques to reopen by December 2006.
In a commissioned report on Indian post secondary education for the INAR Task Force, recommendations included the need for institutions of higher education serving Indian student populations to, ".
The authors would like to thank Dr Anthony Ringrose-Voase and Mr Inars Salins for access to and assistance in the thin section facility, Butler Laboratory, CSIRO Land and Water.
For example, one child wrote ATKO for "ham" and MSTGR for "hamster," eTPK for "butter" and PAWHQ for "butterfly," BjiW for "berry" and iNARS for "strawberry," and KRVe for "melon" and JNASQ for "watermelon.
She had a career as an actress there, but she and her husband, Inars Auzins, wanted to leave the Soviet Union to provide a better life for their two daughters.
It was a rather forgettable start to the weekend in Germany for Latvia's Inars Kivelenieks, with the country's top luger only managing to finish 20th overall in the men's singles event - matching his worst result of the season as inconsistency continues to hurt the 25-year-old.
The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of John Barber (CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology) in carrying out the field work and Inars Salins (CSIRO Division of Soils) for preparation of the thin sections.