INCIIDInterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
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Infertility is painful and very often the nurses are the front line educators who provide outstanding service and support for couples who are struggling with the loss and pain of infertility and pregnancy loss," said Nancy Hemingway, director, INCIID.
The From INCIID the Heart program will help eliminate the barrier preventing many couples from having children, bypassing the need for coverage," says Nancy Hemenway, INCIID Founder and Executive Director.
Would-be parents interested in participating in From INCIID the Heart can visit INCIID's website at www.
In late 2004 INCIID launched the first and only National IVF Scholarship program, From INCIID The Heart.
com INCIID Contact Linda Davies (877) 823-5212 lindad@inciid.
They applied to the From INCIID the Heart program in late 2004, were selected in December and underwent In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment in February of 2005 with Dr.
We are so thankful to INCIID for creating this program.
The new system, being developed by INCIID in cooperation with the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) and sponsored by a leading pharmaceutical company, will accurately report all ART (assisted reproductive technology) cases undertaken by participating medical providers and the outcomes of each.
INCIID believes its new system, by providing verifiable and reliable reporting of ART success rates with no room for manipulation will benefit the patient/consumer and encourage medical providers and insurance companies to offer effective treatments at a cost both insurance companies and the consumers can afford.
Since its inception in 1995, INCIID has become the preeminent on-line resource for couples struggling with infertility.
INCIID is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating infertile couples about their family-building options.
The results confirm that patients are turning to the Internet for information in ways that affect how medicine is practiced," says INCIID President Theresa Venet Grant.