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Aid from the INCLE account has been given to train, reform, advise, house, and provide nonlethal equipment for PA civil security forces in the West Bank loyal to President Abbas.
2014 INCLE request will support training, mentoring, equipment, and
A FY 2010 supplemental request of $757,440,000 for INCLE has been announced with funding for proposed allocation as follows:
Advocates of greater State Department control would prefer that Congress dispense with the GSCF "pooled" fund and appropriate substantially more security assistance and related DOD funding (particularly "Section 1206" building partnership capacity funding (17)), directly to the international affairs budget, just as FMF, INCLE, and PCCF are currently appropriated.
appropriations includes $244 million for ESF, $40 million for INCLE,
FY 2013 INCLE assistance will be used to support criminal
the INCLE account, or roughly $24 million, because the $260 million in
INCLE resources in Colombia will aid the Colombian National Police in assuming additional security responsibilities and combating emerging criminal drug organizations and also fund important military programs such as navy maritime interdiction.
Media reports and statements from Member offices indicated that Representative Kay Granger, chairwoman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs; Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, then chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; and some members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had placed a hold on the funds (with Granger not participating in the hold on the INCLE portion).
The Administration's FY2013 budget request asked for $234 million in Merida assistance for Mexico: $199 million in INCLE and $35 million in ESF.
Administration's FY2013 budget request seeks ESF and INCLE aid to
INCLE funds are focused in Rebuilding countries where security situations are most dire and where U.