INCLENInternational Clinical Epidemiology Network
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This assessment tool of INCLEN and ISAA can be applied in all parts of the country maintaining high level of uniformity.
The INCLEN study pegs the medical cost of treating Dengue at $6.
Executive Director, The INCLEN (International Clinical Epidemiology Network) Trust International
In this workshop, in order to maintain uniformity and standard in assessment of autism, two types of assessment tools are being recommended, one is INCLEN Tool developed under INCLEN study Neuro Developmental Disorder in Children in India, undertaken under the guidance of Dr.
Now, INCLEN AND ISAA Tools will be very helpful in this purpose.
of Pediatrics, AIIMS and other Professionals provided training on Autism using INCLEN Tool and Dr Saroj Arya and Dr Beenapani Mohapatra, NIMH provided training using ISAA Tool.
Indian Council of Medical Research & * INCLEN Trust, New Delhi, India
He also informed that the Department has for the first time ever has issued guidelines for the certification of Autism through INCLEN diagnostic tools.
This work was supported by the European Commission through a grant, provided to the HIV/STI Prevention and Care Research Programme of the Population Council India and with support from the Global Network for Perinatal and Reproductive Health and its donors, INCLEN, the Rockefeller Foundation.