INCMIntelligent Network Conceptual Model
INCMImprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda (Portuguese: National Press-Mint)
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tema retomado e explorado mais intensivamente em O Crepusculo dos Grandes, Lisboa, INCM, 1995.
Los sujetos CFS, HP, MG e INCM se ubicaron en los extremos de los factores, lo cual indica que las justificaciones atipicas que otorgaron fueron principalmente en pares de palabras sin relacion semantica.
While in April 1996, as mentioned on page 7, HOLOS ceased trading but INCM was conducting production tests on its new integrated embossed hologram production line.
INCM acquired its own in-house technology eight years ago for originating and embossing holograms through a technology transfer with Applied Holographics, as it was then known.
14) Lourenco, No s e a Europa ou as Duas Razoes (Lisbon: INCM, 1994), p.
Martins (Lisbon: INCM, 1989), 1, 478-79 (the letter is wrongly dated in this edition); A.
All other services are open to competition but subject to licensing by the industry regulator, INCM.
As Alan Freeland notes, this is also the case with Maria Eduarda who changes her name several times in the course of the novel and, at the end, a letter addressed to her 'vai sem nome' in O leitor e a verdade oculta (Lisbon: INCM, 1989), p.
Procurement of goods and services for the renewal of storage platform and INCM.
Childrens Comprehensive Services (NASDAQ:KIDS), RITCHIE BROS AUCTIONEERS (NYSE:RBA), AMERICAN NATL FINL (NASDAQ:ANFI), GROUP MAINTENANCE AMER CP (NYSE:MAK), Equality Bancorp (AMEX:EBI), Creditrust (NASDAQ:CRDT), Carver Bancorp (AMEX:CNY), JOHN HANCOCK JOHN INCM SEC TR (NYSE:JHS), Autologic Information International, Inc.
b) Express collection and delivery of correspondence between buildings INCM in Lisbon.