INCORInstitutional Collaborative Research (program)
INCORInformation and Counselling on Repatriation Project (est. 1995; Norway)
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Increasingly, INCOR is used in patients who are suffering from sever cardiac insufficiency as a life-saving device.
The reason why INCOR is so well suited for long-term support lies in its design and operating principle.
Describing his life with the system, he says: "Before I received the INCOR heart support system, I was in a very bad condition and had poor chances of survival.
INCOR is an implantable heart support system for the left chamber of the heart in adult patients.
INCOR is not FDA approved, but widely used in Europe.
EXCOR and INCOR are not available for sale in the United States.
Berlin Heart AG's new INCOR rotary implanted blood pump with the Carmeda(R) BioActive Surface (CBAS(R)) recently received CE Mark for treatment of serious left ventricular failure.
Carmeda is pleased to have a role in the progress of their new INCOR rotary blood pump.
EPUSP is utilizing the PictureTel 900 Series to connect professors, students, and physicians from INCOR, the largest Latin America Hospital of the Heart, to conduct research and facilitate training for remotely located participants.
The Poli Virtual network is connected to the main fiber optics ring of Sao Paulo - the ring's core of the Internet 2 backbone for the city - that connects others institutions, such as INCOR, to the University.