INCPInternational Network on Cultural Policy
INCPInternational Network for Cultural Policy
INCPInternational Nephrology Centers Poland (est. 2000)
INCPIntelligent Network Control Plane (Elematics)
INCPInstitute of New Chemical Problems (Russia)
INCPInsoluble Noncollagenous Protein
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INCP (International Network on Cultural Policy), 2004, Traditional Culture in the Course of Modernization, s.
The paper offers four financial models, including the "liberal" market model in which people spend their money on whatever they like; the INCP thinks such markets consist of "cultural products intended for mass consumption.
The INCP thus tiptoes up to an epiphany about the personal meaning that makes culture valuable to consumers.
France is one of the key members of the INCP and President Chirac used the opportunity of his speech to the Earth Summit in South Africa to press for the adoption of the instrument under the auspices of UNESCO.
A draft of the instrument was submitted for consideration at the meeting of the INCP in South Africa in October 2002.