INCRAInstituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária (land agency National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform)
INCRAInternational Copper Research Association
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farm occupations, (1) marches, invasions of government offices including INCRA, and roadblocks), combined with accusations that the government is failing pledges or is dragging its feet with regard to land reform implementation, always with the objective of influencing public opinion by way of media coverage.
2009), others, after fragmenting and selling off their plots initially received from INCRA, migrate to new agricultural frontiers in order to start the process once again (Alston, Libecap, and Muller 1999), or to urban centers (Bowder and Godfrey 1997).
Com o objetivo de exigir maior agilidade do Governo Federal com relacao aos assentamentos dos campesinos, os Sem Terra ocuparam sedes do INCRA situadas em algumas capitais brasileiras, incluindo a Federal.
A comecar pela primeira materia, do dia 17 de abril (30), constatamos a ausencia dos porques da "invasao"--termo adotado em toda a cobertura--dos Sem Terra as sedes do INCRA.
If, after the vistoria, the land is considered unproductive, INCRA initiates the negotiation of compensation with the landowner.
INCRA is contesting the claims that the deforestation is illegal, and the matter is set to be investigated by a third party.
50) The measure forbade INCRA from auditing any ranch for a period of two years subsequent to any occupation.
Implementing a spatial corporate database with live links to geographically dispersed departments and automated real-time workflows has enabled INCRA to eliminate redundancy and improve accuracy of their land data.
For instance, while INCRA reported a total occupied farm area of 594.
This conclusion is part of a new INCRA report, presented today in Berlin, that provides test sovereign-debt ratings for five countries: Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.
Within a few days, hundreds of families occupied another INCRA office in Mato Grosso and at least three haciendas in three other states.