INCSEAIncident At Sea
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Soviet INCSEA agreement was signed, the October 1972 multilateral convention on the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea (commonly known as the COLREGs or the "rules of the road") (105) (see discussion in "Background") did not yet exist.
Throughout 1971-72, studies and negotiations took place that led to the signing of the INCSEA agreement by then Secretary of the Navy John Warner and Admiral Sergei Gorshkov of the Soviet navy.
As Winkler points out, INCSEA truly "is one of the positive legacies of the Cold War.
Roughead explained another opposition to an INCSEA.
Soviet INCSEA agreement reflected the strategic nuclear arms competition then underway between the United States and the Soviet Union, and the consequent desire to take steps to prevent incidents that could escalate to a strategic nuclear war.
needs to enter into some type of INCSEA or INCSEA-like agreement with the Chinese.