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INDEInstituto Nacional De Electrificacion (Spanish: National Institute of Electrification; Guatemala)
INDEIntercooperação e Desenvolvimento (Portuguese: Mutual Cooperation and Development)
INDEIndependence National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
INDEInstituto Nacional do Desenvolvimento da Educação (Portugese: National Institute for the Development of Education)
INDEInternational Network Design & Engineering (Sprint)
INDEInternational Network Development & Engineering (Cisco)
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g) Chapter 7 looks at the perception of IndE and BrE speech rhythm, detailing first pilot studies and then main studies on accent discrimination and 'Cocktail Party Effect', and introducing a "partially new technique" (Fuchs, 2016: 5) for the measurement of speech rhythm perception events.
For more information about Graphics Performance Analyzers (including pointers to product documentation, support options, and related products), see the Graphics Performance Analyzers Home Page or the Intel INDE Home Page.
Contrariwise, IndE has the lowest frequencies of the progressive in the written form (22.
Beaucoup en Inde, et dans le monde ne sont pas prets a parier que les talibans, qui beneficient d'un fort soutien de l'armee pakistanaise, se pretent a une negociation politique raisonnable en Afghanistan", avance-t-il.
Johnny Hancocks was sent off the 5-6 favourite, but Inde Country left recent form well behind in a first-time tongue-tie as she held off the market leader by three-parts of a length.
But in 2006, INDE told the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that it anticipated transferring electricity generated from the project to a substation in Santa Elena, Peten, to be passed through to SEIPAC.
Screenplay, Alfredson, Robert Gustafsson, Jonas Inde, Andres Lokko, Martin Luuk, Johan Rheborg, Henrik Schyffert.
The result is reminiscent of an inde pendent media project beyond the pale of today's docusoaps and their high-tech aesthetic.
Du pre aux Indes il y a loin, mais des oeillets aux Indes il n'y a soudain qu'un pas, ce pas si subtilement franchi par la parenthese, entre l'imaginaire et le reel, et que l'intuition erudite de Michael Riffaterre nous aide a franchir en nous rappelant qu'il existe dans nos jardins familiers des "oeillets d'Inde", importes dans ce pre d'enfance par la memoire des mots, qui les fait fleurir a la surface du texte, creant ce petit jeu de botanique et de geographie hallucinees.
In the seventh fable, on the other hand, the river Inde enters the story as both double and rival of the main character.
One example of the planning flaws that characterized the Chixoy project: neither INDE nor the World Bank consulted the people that lived along the river to be flooded by the Chixoy dam.