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INDICAIndian Car (name of the all Indian car from House of Tatas)
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indica are a single species according to Mayr's species concept, then only one name can be regarded as correct.
In this study, we conducted the greenhouse experiments to discuss whether individual- and group-based interspecific competition will affect the growth of invasive plant Erigeron annuus and two co-existing herbs (a native herb Artemisia indica and a common crop Ipomoea batatas in the farmland).
En el documento se indica que, "de los campamentos que existen actualmente, la mayoria fueron conformados entre el 1991 y 2000, periodo que concentra el origen del 27% de los asentamientos.
Plants were effective in order of Azadirachta indica > Melia azadirach > Pegnum hermala > Salsola baryosma> zingiber officinale; whereas effectiveness of pyrethroids was in order of deltamethrin > cypermethrin > bifenthrin.
Indica Islands are growers-producers and processors of medical marijuana "MMJ," cannabinoid products "CBD," and hemp-infused vodka.
Usually, indica cannabis plants are short and mature quicker.
Key words: Antimicrobial finish, Azadirachata indica, Butea monosperma, Litchi chinensis and Aesthetic properties.
Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM), an India-based automaker, is likely to withdraw the Indica eV2 and Indigo eCs from the market by 2017.
Los identificados con los numeros 7 y del 29 al 43 presentan todos sus estudios reglamentarios, pero en sus fichas no se indica ni averiguacion previa ni fosa de la que fueron exhumados.