INDOEXIndian Ocean Experiment
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The INDOEX project is the first to experimentally study the effects of the Indian Ocean region's persistent urban pollution on climate, rather than relying on theoretical models of the influence of aerosols, says Coakley.
The scientists chose the Indian Ocean region as the site for INDOEX because the Indian subcontinent and surrounding nations are rich sources for many kinds of aerosols, including those produced from industrial and auto emissions, biomass burning and soil dust.
To avoid this limitation, use of the Argos system was implemented for INDOEX (Ethe et al.
The reader will find the INDOEX flight durations in Fig.
Monitoring of ambient flow for process studies: INDOEX and VASCO.
Most campaigns took place overseas, INDOEX, VASCO-Cirene, and then HyMeX and Ch ArMEx, but also above land, as with AMM A.
2000), INDOEX (Heymsfield and McFarquhar 2002), and VOCALS (Mechoso et al.
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