INELIdaho National Engineering Laboratory
INELIndia Nippon Electricals Limited (Chennia, India)
INELIdaho Nuclear Engineering Laboratory
INELIdaho National Energy Laboratory
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Much of the work at INEL has been nuclear research and defense-related development, with little production of weapons.
Besides his work at the INEL, he also finds time to teach in a local continuing education branch of the University of Idaho.
Laboratory prototypes of ultracapacitors that use various electrode materials systems are being developed at different sites for testing at INEL during the next two years.
INEL researchers have produced low-carbon steel strip and polymer membranes as thin as 5 microns.
Structural characterization of hematite was carried out by a INEL, EQuinox 3000 X-ray diffraction (XRD) using Cu K[alpha] ([lambda] = 1.
X-ray powder diffraction patterns of intercalates were obtained using diffractometer INEL equipped with the curved position-sensitive detector.
Wide-angle X-ray scattering (WAXS) patterns were obtained at room temperature in transmission mode, with a diffractometer equipped with a curved linear position sensitive X-ray multidetector INEL CPS120.
Silica, also dissolved in groundwater at concentrations exceeding 1 mg/L, typically comprises 10-15% of total dissolved solids (ESP monitoring results, INEL OP, 1997; INEEL OP, 1998; INEEL OP, 1999), but is usually present in a nonionic form and not considered a major ion (Hem, 1985, pg 54).
Researchers from EG&G Idaho, which operates INEL for DOE, have demonstrated a technique using microorganisms that removes more than 90% of the inorganic pyritic sulfur content--or 45% of the total sulfur content--in some types of coal.