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INEPTInsensitive Nuclei Enhanced By Polarization Transfer (nuclear magnetic resonance technique)
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He must be the most inept drug dealer you have ever had to deal with," said Mr Soppitt to Teesside's top judge, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, Simon Bourne-Arton QC.
As we have plenty of elected government officials who are inept as a consequence of the competitive vote market that developed during election, we also cannot avoid having many appointed government officials and employees who are also inept, including the hundreds or thousands of casual or contractual workers who are rewarded for their support during election.
The participants agreed that such a volatile situation might lead towards ultimate postponement of general elections, and stressed on ensuring full implementation of Supreme Court verdict, instead of supporting reinstatement of a highly inept, corrupt government.
He said: "The first-half was so disappointing, pretty inept.
The IPCC said its response was so inept it borders on the unbelievable.
The Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM), in its report, said: "It would take "a miracle" to win the war and restore viable peace in Afghanistan under the inept government of President Hamid Karzai.
Summary: Washington - The independence of the Sahara could result in a dependent, inept and chaotic territory failed state dominated by Al Qaida, an entity known for its preference for sanctuaries in weak or failed states, U.
WAKEFIELD coach John Kear labelled his side inept after their 52-0 home thrashing by the Giants and admitted: "We were lucky to get nil
Psych 9, however, is a rare exception, being an inept, badly-made, shoddy horror that even fans of inept, badlymade, shoddy horrors won't like.
When I look at Fabio every day and watch him work, I realise how inept I am as a manager.
Famously inept Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Martin) is back on the trail of a thief who has stolen the Pink Panther diamond, this time joined by a team of international detectives.
Most Americans believe that the Bush administration's response to Hurricane Katrina was "at best inept and at worst a reflection of latent racism," but, in truth, the 2005 disaster epitomized the government's failure to win the media wars, contends the US Joint Forces Command in a report tided, "Joint Operating Environment 2008.