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INEXInitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval
INEXInternet Neutral Exchange
INEXInternet Neutral Exchange Association (Ireland)
INEXInternational Nuclear Emergency Exercise (Nuclear Energy Agency)
INEXIntegrated Numerical Experiment
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After a thorough review of options on the market, the Coriant Groove G30 gave INEX the confidence to deploy what we see as a long-term scalable platform enabling us to provide services to our Internet exchange members well into the future.
INEX membership is open to all organizations that can benefit from peering their IP traffic and there are currently over 118 members.
The panel included Stephen Pavlosky, Equipment Insight Lead at GE's Intelligent Platforms Division; Doug Merritt, SVP of Field Operations at SPLUNK, an operational intelligence platform that analyzes and visualizes machine data; Jamshed Dubash, COO of Senaya, a supply chain technology company focused on the IoT for remote and mobile asset management; Mike Helfrich, CEO of Blue Force Development, which focuses on mobile IoT for national security, public safety, and distributed enterprise; and Carl Levine, Community Manager at Dyn, which uses IoT technologies and methods for monitoring, control, and optimization of online infrastructure; and moderator Christopher Rezendes, President of INEX Advisors, a global firm focused on IoT technologies.
The company said the INEX incubator facility is ideally placed within the North East which is fast-becoming one of the top ten places in the world to do science-based business.
This example is extracted from the INEX test collection, which is composed of document collection, topics, and relevance assessments.
Q: In your talk at the Search Engine Meeting, you mentioned INEX.
In its ruling, the Court approved the INEX Plan of Arrangement to transfer all of the company's transferable assets and liabilities to Tekmira.
INEX receives a US$12 million up-front payment and will receive up to a US$20 million payment upon Onco TCS receiving approval from the FDA.
INEX made the setup and management of his site easy--even for Birss, a self-proclaimed "non-techie.
INEX will also receive a percentage of commercial sales of Onco TCS and this percentage will increase as sales reach certain predetermined thresholds.