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INFInformation (File Name Extension)
INFInfinitive (linguistics)
INFIf-Then-Else Normal Form
INFIndustry Negative File
INFInland Navigation Facility
INFInternational Nepal Fellowship (est. 1952)
INFInfimum (greatest lower bound)
INFIntermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
INFInternational Naturist Federation
INFIrradiated Nuclear Fuel
INFItem Not Found
INFIron Fists (Delta Force Squadron)
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On Saturday, Politico reported that the US administration is "levying"new sanctions on Moscow over its alleged noncompliance with the INF agreement.
These critics have no arguments on their side, for the very fact that the INF Treaty has been in effect for 30 years proves that it serves the security interests of our two countries and of the world.
Similarly in 3rdmodel for EXR, indicates that GDP, EXR TB, and INF independent variables are significant, while the DI, FDIPCS and intercept turned insignificant, and 4th model of DI, the independent variables GDP, DI, TB are significant, while the FDIPCS, INF, EXR and intercept turned insignificant.
It is important to note that, from the very beginning, the history of INF was a history of European concerns.
The United States and Russia signed onto the INF Treaty in 1987 to eliminate the threat of nuclear missiles capable of striking targets on the European continent.
SIOUX CITY EXPLORERS -- Signed INF Noah Perio and RHP Jose Flores.
The INF Treaty was always potentially hostage to political and technological evolution.
The United States could then withdraw from INF, both as a reaction to Russia's missile program and so that it could deploy its own missiles of INF range.
The proliferative response induced by antigen A was higher in CDM than in INF (Table II) without reaching the level of significance (p= 0.
indicate that cytokine responses (most prominently the INF response) may provide useful markers of immune responses.
AC electric motors replace hydraulic or DC drives for the platen movement, plug-assist, sheet transport, and cooling rolls on the upgraded INF series of in-line, trim-in-place forming systems from Bellaform Extrusionstechnik (represented by German Plastics).
Russia is committed to INF and the American threat of imposing sanctions against Moscow would trigger a cancellation of an INF implementation follow up committee meeting, Deputy foreign Minister Sergey Rybakov was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying.