INFCIraqi National Foundation Congress (est. 2004)
INFCIrish National Folk Company (Dublin, Ireland)
INFCInternational Network of Freud Critics
INFCInternational Network of Forests and Communities
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Other operations include Warehouse Lending Corporation of America (WLCA), which provides various types of short-term revolving financing to mortgage originators, Construction Lending Corporation of America (CLCA), which offers a construction-to-permanent loan program for individuals who wish to construct or remodel their residences and a single family subdivision construction lending program for builders and developers, and INFC, which offers the programs described above.
The coordination of several InfCs shows that it is the entire complement which is subordinated to the PV and not only [NP.
32) This can explain why in both Spanish and in French word order in the InfCs subordinated to the auditory PVs--compared to the visual PVs (33)--is more frequently as follows:
This can clarify why in both languages word order in the InfCs subordinated to the visual PVs is--compared to the auditory PVs--more frequently as follows: