INFOCONInformation Operations Condition (US DoD)
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However, instead of keeping all eight publications online with INFOCON, Haight decided to upload only four of them.
Publisher Tom Hagy said that he is "very happy" with Mealey's arrangement with INFOCON and that the company is earning substantial royalties.
In the past, publishers could upload the editorial content of their newsletters to INFOCON, which in turn would offer this content through NewslettersOnline.
INFOCON signaled its intention to raise the fee structure in a letter to those attending the Miami conference of the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA) in December, in which it urged publishers to sign up before December 31 to avoid the fee increase.
For that reason, the actual prices that INFOCON charges may vary.
What follows is information that INFOCON distributes to publishers interested in its services.
INFOCON AMERICA, a leading innovator in electronic publishing software based on Adobe(r) Systems technologies, today announced a strategic alliance with Infodata Systems Inc.
Under the terms of the agreement, INFOCON AMERICA will license Infodata Systems Compose(r) and Re:mark(r) software for integration into its InfoLink Publishing Enhancement Software(tm) total software solution for publishers.
This agreement with INFOCON AMERICA will afford publishers a complete document sharing solution that addresses their specific needs," said Elaine Singer, vice president of sales and marketing at Infodata Systems.
INFOCON AMERICA's Electronic Publishing International Interface software includes the InfoLink Publishing Enhancement Software module for publishers, and the EasyView electronic viewing software based on Adobe Acrobat.
Under the alliance, the New York Post will use INFOCON AMERICA's software, which is based on Adobe Systems technologies, to provide new and existing subscribers with a full content electronic version of the Post incorporating many enhanced features and direct links to the World Wide Web, including InfoSpace, a directory Web site and INFOCON partner, and other direct links.
INFOCON AMERICA's software, based on Adobe Systems technologies, represents a paradigm shift in the way consumers, professionals and students will purchase, view and use publications," according to Mark Hartsell, CEO and founder of INFOCON AMERICA.