INFOREMInventory Forecasting and Replenishment Module (inventory control)
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We believe that bringing Makoro and INFOREM together with i2's integrated TradeMatrix solutions for planning, replenishment and collaboration offers enhanced opportunities to provide value to our customers above those offered by Makoro or INFOREM as point solutions," said Bill Paulk, general manager, IBM.
Pecora was also involved in a variety of positions at IBM from 1971 to 1992 working with the IBM INFOREM inventory management system and IBM's Vendor Managed Replenishment Service (VRMS).
support i2's Merchandise Planning, INFOREM Forecasting and
In IBM's benchmarking environment, i2 Replenishment Planner generated a time-phased replenishment plan equivalent to an INFOREM plan for 93 million location/SKU/day.