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INFORMAIntegrated Formal Approaches for Embedded Real-Time Systems
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With pricing and market access the top challenges for biopharma going forward, this collaboration should give Informa customers a virtual one-stop-shop to support critical development, launch, pricing and access decisions.
The big fish for Informa in the deal is Virgo's leading U.
Kirstin Stocker PR Manager, Informa Business Information kirstin.
Informa said it was not in talks with any other parties following the withdrawal of the private equity team.
Western Europe: Digital penetration of TV households in 2013 (%) Cable DTH IPTV DTT TotalFrance 12 22 18 46 100UK 12 37 6 39 100Italy 0 24 9 57 95Spain 8 12 7 67 94Germany 22 6 7 13 76Total 20 18 9 34 90Source: Informa Telecoms & Media
with Informa in connection with a nil-premium, all-share merger.
Treeline values its tenant relationships and wanted to work with Informa to accommodate its growth needs today and into the future.
Informa publishes Lloyd's List and a number of trade magazines such as Biotechniques.
The Informa report also states that the significance of music sales via the Internet has been exaggerated as a long-term solution for the industry and also states that digital music sales will remain a niche factor.
In its third major acquisition this year, the international Informa Group, based in London, recently purchased Evandale Publishing from founder Chris Morrison.
LONDON -- According to the results of a recent industry survey from Informa Telecoms & Media on the "Future of TV", over 20% of respondents felt that social networking sites like Facebook are best-placed to build an audience for paid digital content, compared with only 16% for network operators.
para]]LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Dwell Media and Informa announced today that Dwell on Design, an asset of Dwell Media, LLC with shows in New York and Los Angeles, will now be owned by UK-based Informa and run by Informa Exhibitions U.