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INFOSYSInformation Systems
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Infosys will use AWS to host a suite of Infosys technologies that will help enterprise customers securely adopt cloud-based systems swiftly.
For the last 15 years, Infosys McCamish has been managing the customer care center, policy administration, and claims processing activities for Magnastar[R], one of M Financial's signature proprietary life insurance products.
The gains reported by Infosys include: a total energy saving of 56% through smart building design, cost saving of Rs.
Balakrishnan, who joined Infosys in 1991, was seen as a strong contender to succeed chief executive officer S.
The winners of the Infosys Prize 2013 were evaluated by a panel of jurors comprising eminent scientists and professors from around the world.
Infosys ADS will begin trading on the NYSE Euronext markets in the U.
Bangalore, India-based Infosys expects sales to grow between 30% to 31%, to between $1.
Larry Pressler, a former senator from South Dakota who sits on the Infosys board, explains: "We normally think of the U.
CEO and MD, Infosys BPO, said, "With this addition to the footprint of Infosys BPO operations, our capabilities and domain expertise in Group Life Administration have been significantly enhanced, potentially yielding magnified gains for clients.
The new Infosys office highlights Australia s reputation for a highly educated workforce and robust technology industry.
VPASCSWD blends the flexibility and configurability of the leading business process management software from Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA), with the comprehensive VPAS Policy Administration System from Infosys McCamish to create a powerful and unique web-based customer service platform to enhance operational excellence and customer experience.
Ramadas Kamath, SVP - Administration, Infrastructure & Security at Infosys, said: "Energy efficiency and conservation are key contributors to our goal of becoming carbon neutral in India by the end of 2017.