INFOTERRAGlobal Environmental Information Exchange Network of UNEP
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Strangely, Ireland was greener back in January, when we were in the grip of our coldest weather in 50 years, but Infoterra experts explained this is all part of the natural process.
17 December 2009 - Norwegian mapping technology company Blom ASA (OSL: BLO) said today that it will cooperate with geo-information products and services provider Infoterra Group to set up an European high-quality geospatial database.
W L Gore & Associates Incorporated (Gore), a company that deals with fluoropolymer technology, and Infoterra Limited (Infoterra), a satellite and aerial remote sensing data and solutions company, are jointly working to provide oil slick mapping and sampling services for offshore petroleum exploration.
Our work was to collect different indicators which can be picked up via satellite and then combine them with analyses from the wine institute on the grapes," explains Henri Douche, from the farming department of Infoterra.
In addition to the activities of GA and Shell/Woodside, there were efforts by oil exploration companies, such as Infoterra and Seismic Australia, to seek work on the northeast margin of GBRMP.
The Stockholm Declaration, adopted at the UN Conference on Human Environment, led to a host of new organizations, GEMS, GRID, INFOTERRA, Earthwatch and a plethora of others.
But instead it went to a consortium led by multinational company Infoterra, which has said it will carry out the work in India.
The Assembly rejected a tender by the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service (Adas) - to draw up digital maps of 507,000 fields in Wales for use in processing European farming grants - in favour of a consortium led by consultants Infoterra.
Looking to the future, Astrium is known to be canvassing for additional InfoTerra partners, particularly in France where it already has shareholdings in a number of geo-information providers.
The down cycle in the mining exploration industry is not going to follow traditional patterns, says Jim Richard, owner of Infoterra Digital Inc.
MDA), the commercial provider of RADARSAT-1 data and operator of RADARSAT-2; Infoterra GmbH, the German part of Astrium GEO-Information Services and commercial operator of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X; and e-GEOS S.