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INFRAEROEmpresa Brasileira de Infra-Estrutura Aeroportuária (Brasil)
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Infraero estimates that by using 3Com's H3C enterprise networking devices it will achieve a 100-fold increase of performance on data, voice and video applications used for flight information systems, air traffic control, surveillance and IP telephony systems.
The manufacturer of recording and replay technology, Ricochet AS, was pleased to announce a recent contract win from Infraero, to supply communications, navigation and surveillance systems to ten airports across Brazil.
Due to the amount of required investments, estimated at almost US$ 5 billion, and the short time period involved, the state airport management company Infraero is seeking greater participation from the private sector, thereby opening opportunities for U.
On Monday, Swedish aerospace and defense firm Sb AB stated that a consortium of its units HITT Traffic, Ambriex and RRJ Engenharia has won a contract from Brazilian airport operator Infraero.
Infraero employees have decried the concessions as privatisations that threaten workers' rights, but officials say they are needed as Brazil modernises airports ahead of the 2014 football World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.
At the same time, Morpho Detection announced it had received a contract from Infraero to supply Brazilian airports with 45 Desktop Explosives Trace Detectors (DETDs).
Infraero will continue to run the facility with BH Airport in a secondary role for the next 150 days, which will then reverse with BH Airport to run with Infraero in a secondary role for the following three months, before the concessionaire assumes complete accountability of airport operations.
Many of Brazil's biggest airports are running beyond capacity after years of neglect by state operator Infraero.
The company also received the FlightStats Award as the "Airline with best on-time performance in South America" in 2013, and was recognized as the most on-time airline in Brazil, in 2014, according to Infraero criteria.