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2008): "Sources of financing and policy recommendations to Member States and the European Commission on boosting eHealth investment", eHealth Study, Empirica and Tanjent, Brussels, European Commission, DG INFSO and Media.
DG INFSO maintains that the figures used to calculate the British study were faulty and thus, the UK should reconsider its position (European Commission 2008a: 3) and in 2010 Commissioner Kroes stated that the DfT had created a Task Force "to revisit the case and study the way forward towards eCall deployment" (European Parliament 2010).
It is supported not only by DG INFSO but also by DG Energy and Transport (lead), DG Research, DG Enterprise and Industry and DG Environment.
org/en/ecall_toolbox/) and that of DG INFSO (http://ec.
15) This assessment is supported by a statement by DG INFSO Commissioner Kroes in reply to a Parliamentary question on the status of eCall: "France is concerned about the costs, mainly to upgrade their Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), and supports the deployment of private solutions that are not based on the single European Emergency number, 112.
Presumably as a consequence of this decision, Belgacom withdrew from the chairmanship and eCall DG as a whole in 2004 (DG INFSO 2004b: 2).
Despite their low participation, the European Commission justifies the choice of eCall that it "was requested by the European PSAPs" because various private solutions had only gained a very low penetration of the market (DG INFSO 2008) and the emergency call could obviously not be operated as a private industry solution-only.
The group was made up of experts from the European Commission, the automotive and telecommunications industries, component suppliers, service industries, infrastructure operators, consumer organisations, automotive clubs, insurance providers, the European ITS association ERTICO, the European Automobile Manufacturer's Association ACEA and European Council for Automotive Research and Development EUCAR (DG INFSO 2002a: 2).