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INLOGOVInstitute of Local Government Studies (UK)
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It does, however, seem to suggest that those judges see INLOGOV as already, and perhaps increasingly, prominent in the local government world: "a spiritual home for many chief executives", they suggested - complimentarily, we think.
Davis, and his INLOGOV colleague, Chris Skelcher: 'Party politics is integral to the life and role of the local councillor, (but) local Quangos are not constituted on party political lines' and therefore have a degree of independence.
The Inlogov report was discussed at a crunch meeting yesterday of the Durham Assocation, a forum of all councils in the county, which issued a statement saying: "The county council and the district councils have today jointly expressed the view that only two options are worthy of inclusion: namely one unitary or three unitary councils for the county area of Durham.
Yesterday at a special briefing by the Boundary Committee, which will be drawing up the options, chairperson Pamela Gordon appeared to back the Inlogov findings.
Chris Game is a senior lecturer at the Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham Chris's past Post columns can be found at: inlogov.
As an independent body, INLOGOV has a reputation for robust criticism of local government activities.