INLSInstitute for Nonlinear Science (University of California, San Diego)
INLSInformation and Library Science
INLSImproved Navy Lighterage System
INLSInternational Nepali Literary Society (Washington, DC)
INLSIntegrated Navigation and Landing System
INLSInternational Noxious Liquid Substances (navigation)
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Having the INLS come onboard was kind of an experiment," said BM2 (SW/AW) Francis Padilla.
The INLS has successfully been brought into the hull of other ships like LPD's, but this is the first time they tried bringing it into the welldeck of an amphibious assault ship.
The INLS 200 course is aprerequisite that undergraduate students complete prior to their admission to the B.
In my sections of INLS 200, students are primarily responsible for researching a self-selected topic for inclusion as an entry in Wikipedia.
In my sections of INLS 513, students are primarily responsible for three projects: (1) a review of a reference resource or substantive work of fiction or nonfiction; (2) selecting resources for a collection associated with a particular community, supported by insights students gain from a community analysis; and (3) a comparative critique of two collection development policies, self-selected by individual students.
In contrast with INLS 200, however, the graduate students in INLS 513 appeared to be more initially aware of the importance of others' ideas for their own learning.
As with INLS 200, the authenticity of examples, activities, and assignments was an aspect of the course that, upon reflection, students' found helpful for their learning at week nine:
Interestingly, the two assignments that students noted as being most helpful for their learning across both of these courses--in INLS 200, the Wikipedia entry, and in INLS 513, building a small core collection for a particular community--were arguably the assignments that were most design-based.