INMOIndian National Mathematics Olympiad
INMOIrish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (Ireland)
INMOInternal Monologue
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He said in the Dail: "I met the General Secretary of the INMO on Monday.
INMO chief Liam Doran told the Government "enough is enough".
In its letter of support to the INMO, the association said the damage the initiative would cause to the nursing profession would be "immeasurable".
Representatives from INMO handed a letter to the Department of Health calling on the incoming Minister to reverse this draconian cut for students.
The INMO solution combines FIRST ROI's user interface and lead management solutions with enabling infrastructure, ID verification, authentication and applicant-screening integration from California-based MeridianLink, FIRST ROI said.
The INMO said industrial action could operate on an escalating basis, up to and including a full withdrawal of labour.
Noel Treanor, industrial relations officer at the INMO, told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "Staff say the issue wasn't one of too many people coming in and needing emergency treatment, but the number of people that needed to be admitted for treatment.
According to the INMO 5,480 patients have spent time on trolleys at the between January and August year.
There will be a financial burden but as the INMO points out the programme can be implemented in a very cost-effective way as the infrastructure is already in place.
INMO accused hospital management of reneging on a deal dating back to February this year which committed them to hiring an extra nurse for every admitted patient who had to wait in the emergency unit for a bed.
The INMO is adamant the initiative will not create new jobs but will simply put 1,000 experienced nurses and midwives' out of work.
The INMO claims there is a shortage of trained nurses because around 5,500 have left the public sector over the past six years.