INOGATE[not an acronym] (formerly Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe; EU)
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The main progress for this flagship initiative was on continuing the INOGATE programme and extending the 'Covenant of Mayors' initiative for better energy efficiency at municipal level to cover cities in eastern partner countries.
6) At that time I was vice president for international projects at ENI, and participation in INOGATE projects was one of my responsibilities.
INOGATE is an international energy cooperation program between the European Union, the littoral states of the Black and Caspian seas and their neighboring countries.
52) INOGATE (Interstate Oil and Gas To Europe pipelines) es un programa de cooperacion internacional que agrupa a 21 paises de la UE, los Estados riberenos del mar Negro y del mar Caspio y sus paises vecinos, que tiene como objetivo promover la integracion regional de los oleoductos y gasoductos, atraer inversiones privadas y de las instituciones financieras internacionales para la ejecucion de sus proyectos, asi como favorecer la seguridad del abastecimiento energetico a traves del desarrollo de programas plurianuales de asistencia tecnica.
54) It was also for this reason that a wave of agreements followed immediately after European customers reacted to the 2006 dispute, reflected too by the broaden scope and increased intensity of projects in the INOGATE programme (55), a EU initiative to foster collaboration with states on the Black and Caspian Seas.
39) The EU followed suit by providing several institutional frameworks to its infrastructural strategy, such as the INOGATE program (operational since 1999) and the Baku Initiative of 2004.
Iran was the only non-signatory of ECT to be invited to participate in INOGATE.
En cuanto a Azerbaiyan, el Programa TACIS ha destinado un total de 140, 2 millones de euros durante el periodo comprendido entre 1991 y 2005, sin incluir los programas regionales, en los que dicho pais participa igualmente, en particular INOGATE, en el sector energetico y TRACECA, en el de los transportes, asi como en el proyecto regional de reforma del sector agropecuario (89).
INOGATE Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe Program
Ukraine's role in regional cooperation won warm words from the EU side too, for hosting the INOGATE Summit in Kiev, and for its plan to organise on September 10 and 11 a Balto-Black Sea Summit in Yalta, as a contribution to the development of regional cooperation.
We intend to improve and reform the sector with the participation of the donors and INOGATE program.